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About Us

What we are:

We help you build your existing fanbase and make it even bigger and better through the fostering of online fan communities, smart merchandising choices, and an organic flow between the creative forces behind your property and the fans who love it. We’re a small, nimble, boutique agency that works smarter at a grassroots level. We’re completely a la carte and scalable to meet your company’s needs.

What we are not:

We’re not a conventional PR or marketing company that uses social media as a sales megaphone. We don’t build up clients from scratch, and we don’t run ad campaigns. We’re not a giant, expensive agency who has no problem spending all your time and money on outdated methods that don’t work for your property. We’re not talent agents or managers.

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Core contributors:

Willow Polson has been a writer for over 20 years, with experience in magazines, ad copy, non-fiction books, fiction novels, scriptwriting, and comics. She is currently working on fan relations for Heroes Reborn, and is the writer-producer for a lifestyle television show being pitched to networks. Other projects include a four-issue comic with renowned artist Ken Lashley (Star Wars, Superman, X-Men), a "first look" agreement with Sunset Doheny Productions, and multiple scripts and fan relations projects in various stages of development. Past fan relations and transmedia work include working as Account Executive with The Access Agency for the official Heroes fan club, and writing key guest chapters for "All Your Fates," a project of The Karada, a transmedia property.

Willow covering the 10th anniversary of Free Comic Book Day where the event originated: Flying Colors Comics, in Concord, CA.
Isa Gunther has experience in both theater and social work, and earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is uniquely qualified in terms of serving the needs of both an entertainment property and the fandom at large, having been the official Fan Liaison for the NBC television show Heroes. As one of the Account Executives with The Access Agency, she was an integral part of running the officially licensed Heroes fan club experience during seasons 3 and 4. Isa understands the psychology of fandoms, both as a whole and on an individual basis, from a counseling and social work perspective.

Isa at San Diego Comic-Con.
Craig Polson has worked for numerous companies of all sizes in his more than 31 years in Silicon Valley's computer industry. His most notable positions have been on the development teams at Apple Computer, Inc. (including the Mac OS), Digidesign Inc. (a division of Avid, working on their industry-leading ProTools digital audio production software), and most recently at Adobe Systems, Inc. (Acrobat 3D, Photoshop Album/Elements, and the SVG Viewer web browser plug-in).

Craig is an accomplished graphic artist, having designed everything from business web sites (such as this one) to CD materials, magazine layouts, ads, and marketing materials. He is also a musician of over 25 years, and familiar with sound engineering and recording, digital video production, and the technical considerations of live performances.

Craig performing with Puppet Show at the CalProg Music Festival.