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Fan Club Management

Fan Connectivity staff were the Account Executives for the official Heroes Fan Club, licensed by NBC.

Contrary to what some believe, fans do want to belong to special clubs with exclusive merchandise and opportunities! Companies that run them well are scarce as hen’s teeth, but you’re in luck: Fan Connectivity is one of the few that does.

The partners of Fan Connectivity were the hand-picked account executives for the official fan club of the NBC hit drama “Heroes.” As such, we worked with The Access Agency and NBC to provide unique and exciting fan experiences, such as live “meet & greet” events, insider newsletter articles, interviews, giveaways, fan-sensitive merchandise selections, and more. We were the club’s ambassadors at Comic-Con San Diego and helped make the Season 4 Premiere Party in Hollywood a reality, with talent signings and merchandise giveaways.

Beyond just this experience, we’re skilled at running indoor and outdoor live events, order fulfillment, print and online publications, organization, logistics, communication, working with vendors, conflict resolution, and interfacing one-on-one with showrunners, production staff, and on-screen talent in a professional and friendly manner.

Running your fan club right, whether you need a members-only blog or you need a talent meet & greet party at Comic-Con, requires the right experience. Fan Connectivity has what you need.