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Fan Liaison Services

Fan Connectivity's Isa Gunther (center) on a panel discussing Sci-Fi fan communities at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA.

Does your property have someone skilled at being the bridge between your creative force and your fans? Engaged fans feel appreciated and become even more loyal. But be careful, there are right and wrong ways to interact with them.

Being a liaison of any kind requires skill, tact, and being able to understand the needs of both sides. Our partners have training and practical experience in social work, counseling, conflict resolution and community building. Ombudsmanship is not something to leave to a PR department or a social media intern.

All great products start with a great idea. They continue to be great products by listening to consumer and fan feedback. There’s a reason “New Coke” didn’t last long. And nobody wants to be “New Coke.”

By listening to your fans through a liaison, it shows that you do care about what they like and don’t like, while still maintaining a safe buffer zone. The mere fact that the lines of communication are available to them makes them feel valued, which fosters the loyal fanbase your property needs most.

Fan Connectivity is uniquely qualified to be that bridge and gatekeeper.