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Special Access Content

Executive Producer Tim Kring giving Fan Connectivity staff an exclusive tour of the interior sets for the FOX series, TOUCH.

People love insider information, and fans eat up behind-the-scenes blog journals, video, photos, and interviews. These “extras” can be utilized in a number of ways, including members-only fan club exclusives, general fan engagement, and added-value bonus material on later releases.

For example, Peter Jackson is a master of exclusive content. Have you seen his behind-the-scenes video diaries, created during production of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit? Fun, interesting, informative, funny, and endearing. Seek these out on his Facebook page, and be sure to note the glowing feedback. Fans love Peter Jackson because he loves his fans and goes out of his way to interact with them in positive ways. This is the ideal type of mutual-admiration feedback loop that goes viral.

If you want something bigger and broader than a video diary, however, Fan Connectivity can provide the insider content you need. Maybe your PR people can do some of this, or maybe someone on your crew can generate some of it between other tasks, but why leave something so important to piecemeal opportunities? Your special access content should be consistent, unique, and hit the right tone for your fandom’s personality.

The Fan Connectivity partners have over 25 years of extensive journalism experience, including article writing, talent interviews, photography, blogging, and video editing. Let us take this off your plate and seamlessly integrate your special-access content into your overall fan relations slate.

Here is one example of behind-the-scenes insider content Fan Connectivity created to promote the FOX television series Touch:

An Exclusive Visit to the Set of TOUCH