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Social Media Community Building

Facebook and Twitter are a fine start, but neither of these services truly let your core audience talk to each other and form a community. They're also far from the only or best fish in the sea. Ready to cast a wider net?

Message boards. We cannot stress the importance of these enough. Message boards are an ongoing online convention focused just on you and your property. You just need the right software and experienced forum moderators to run it for you.

As one Executive Producer told us, “I've found that once the show is made, fans need to talk about it with each other.” Exactly. And it almost doesn’t matter what they’re talking about, even if it’s wild speculation, as long as they’re talking. This is the core community for your fandom, the nerve center from which all else flows. Fostering this community is one of the most beneficial things your property can do to feed your fandom.

The Fan Connectivity partners have training and practical experience in social work, counseling, conflict resolution and community building. Online forum administration and moderation is not for the faint-of-heart or the inexperienced.

In addition, your social media campaign should match the tone and professionalism of the rest of your fan relations slate. Are your interns content to occasionally send tweets out into the wild, or post things to Facebook without bothering to monitor the responses? If that happens, communication is one-way and DOA. Interaction and participation are essential at all stages and on all levels. Let’s discuss your online presence and discover what your unique needs are.