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Tim Kring, Executive Producer, Heroes and Touch 

Willow and Isa were enormously valuable in creating the fan relationship between our show, Heroes and its online fans. They mediate, promote, guide and encourage, all with a deft touch and a deep awareness of how fans interact and connect with a show. Their secret is, of course, that they are fans themselves, so their understanding of the community starts from a place of pure authenticity.

Joseph J. Armetta, CEO, The Access Agency

It is an honor to have the opportunity to recommend Willow Polson on both a professional and personal level. She is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and loyal people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Beyond her work ethic lies her most endearing (and compelling) quality: passionate. She is passionate about what she does, who she does it with, and what the outcome is not only expected to be, but what she believes it could be beyond expectations. She is a dedicated team player always looking forward to productive collaboration, but she is also extremely successful when required to take on a project on an individual level. Her time with The Access Agency was not only exciting for our organization, but also for her personally.

During her tenure, Willow was the co-lead Account Executive who worked hand-in-hand with television executives, producers, and talent on one of the top network TV shows on any network at the time. Her passionate focus on what the show (and its message) could deliver to fans at a very intimate level helped drive much of our tactical implementation, while also positively impacting the overall strategy. Her personal and team efforts led to a very exciting and successful fan-centric program that helped engage, motivate, and inspire Heroes fans with the idea that "there is a Hero in each of us."

I would highly recommend Willow for any role that requires attention to detail, contribution to an overall plan, and passionate pursuit of its objectives.

Robert Baxt, SAG-AFTRA Member, Character Actor 

As one of the talents that the fans have been interested in, I have worked with Willow many times on numerous entertainment projects, including fan relations for NBC-TV series at Comic-Con San Diego. She's detail-oriented and a self starter, reliable and on the ball. Willow’s people know what they're doing! Highly recommended.

Ginger Pauley, SAG-AFTRA Member, Actress and Singer 

They saved me a lot of time and money on secretaries, website consultants and managers. They know what the fans want and search for. For the actor and performer to have access to this information, it's invaluable!

Stacey Zipfel Flannery, Producer 

Willow is not only a talented writer, but a reliable member of the industry. She is motivated and strives to put out her best work at all times. I have every confidence in her professionalism, drive and dedication to her craft.

Patrick Kaunert, Mark Twain Productions

A performer's dream come true! Every detail of my show's setup was perfectly coordinated and executed.

James Martin, Television Writer and Producer 

Willow is a self-starting writer providing content, copy editing services and more. She's enthusiastic and determined. I love her work!

Jason Hunt, Editor-in-Chief,

Willow has proven herself to be a solid writer and contributor to with her TV show recaps and related articles. She has an accessible style that appeals to a general audience.

She has also been pro-active in seeking out new opportunities to interact with genre professionals on behalf of SciFi4Me -- reaching out to authors and producers for interviews and set visits. Plus, she's one of the more active brainstormers among the group.

She's reliable and can work within a deadline. I would not hesitate to recommend Willow for a writing assignment.

Judy Gravino, Event Chair, Soroptimist International of Groveland

Everyone enjoyed the evening and was so appreciative of the thoughtful care and attention to all the details given so that our party would be a success. It certainly was! Please thank everyone for helping to make our event a memorable one.