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Transmedia Content

Fan Connectivity has contributed popular material for All Your Fates, a transmedia project of THE KARADA.

Entertainment properties can survive by simply doing what’s always been done, but it’s like trying to run the Indy 500 on a bicycle. With the explosion of personal computers, smart phones, and the internet, smart entertainment properties have learned to take advantage of all this new virtual real estate in the form of transmedia storytelling.

This originated with the basic tie-in product, such as a novel or contest inside of a story universe. Superman was on television and in comic books, Tarzan had feature films and novels, Little Orphan Annie was on the radio and had her audience-participation secret decoder ring. The 21st century, however, is an entirely different, and almost infinite, playing field.

Transmedia can still mean simple story universe tie-ins, like novels and comic books, or it can encompass real-world games that cross the globe and take months to unfold, with puzzles to solve, secret text messages, physical scavenger hunts, hidden websites, live events, and more.

Fan Connectivity specializes in supplying written transmedia materials to properties of any size. We leave the truly global Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) to the larger companies, and instead act as support staff and material writers for those efforts. For example, one of our projects has been to supply story chapters for All Your Fates on Wattpad, a digital novel platform, as part of the larger story universe of The Karada. We can also assist with live events, roleplaying games, merchandise choices, in-world website development, and other transmedia needs on an a la carte basis.